Curatorial Statement:


An art exhibition about taking action.

VOTE is an exhibition intended to spark/remind/motivate/inspire people to take action, both personally and within their communities. 

VOTING is just that:  simultaneously a personal and collective act. 

Taking action on a personal level gives meaning to our lives.  Taking action and reaching out to our neighbors breathes wellness into our local communities.  Taking action and VOTING proactively shapes our culture.

This exhibition was conceived to serve as a reminder.  To remind us to VOTE, particularly this November, because it’s an important mid-term election.  To remind us, that when we participate, we are a connected humanity.

The eleven Outer Sunset district artists of this show take action everyday by making their art.  Their contribution to culture reminds us of our values and what is important.  Local Art motivates and inspires local action. 

We will have voter registration available during the open hours of the exhibition October 20th-21st.  You can make sure you are registered to vote, that your voter registration is up to date, and that you know where your polling place is.

Thanks to the ARTISTS for contributing to this exhibition. 

Thanks to Susan Ryan, manager extraordinaire of Playland at 43rd Ave., for collaborating with me on this project.

Thank YOU for taking action,

Georgia Hodges


Playland Art Container

Playland at 43rd Ave Community Park, 1360 43rd Ave., San Francisco @playlandat43rdavenue





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