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Georgia Hodges is a San Francisco based artist. She refers to her home studio as The Mud Room at Ocean Beach, located in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco.

Georgia has over 20 years experience as a working artist, teaching ceramics and ceramic art studio management, and directing and curating an art gallery for emerging artists.  Her knowledge of clay, the arts, and the creative process is well-rounded and thorough. She currently teaches ceramics at SF Clayworks in San Francisco.


She also partners with her husband, Doug Jacuzzi, in their Design/Build Firm,  Soularch Design.  (For more info go to


She has two daughters, aged 16 and 18, still missing our old chocolate lab named Red, but her new dog, Luna, is leading us all on a new path. Her latest group of chickens are named Flash, Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Cayenne.

this is a while ago, but still a great shot.

this is a while ago, but still a great shot.

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